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With inflammation of the gastric mucosa, part of a comprehensive treatment is a sparing diet, which should become the norm for the patient. The disease is prone to a chronic course, so the main goal is non-drug methods to prevent another relapse. Diet with exacerbation of gastritis is selected individually by a gastroenterologist, favorably affects not only the stomach, but also other organs, systems.

Is it possible to yogurt

It is especially useful to drink dairy products for gastritis in the remission phase, since the calcium and proteins contained in them ensure the restoration of the expressed mucous membrane. As for yogurt, this natural product for gastritis with high acidity is approved for use. Its acidity is lower than the acidity of gastric juice, and protein neutralizes hydrochloric acid by binding. You can drink such a drink on an empty stomach. After consulting with a specialist, it is imperative to include fermented milk products in gastritis in the daily diet.

Is it possible tea

In case of gastritis, it is recommended to abandon black teas, while preference is given to green and herbal drinks, useful for the whole body. In order to stimulate digestion, normalize the production of gastric juice, alleviate extremely unpleasant symptoms, restore intestinal motility, you need to include such healing drinks in the daily menu:

  • Green tea with gastritis with high acidity removes toxins and toxins, regenerates injured tissues of the mucosa, and has tonic properties. The drink stimulates intestinal motility, normalizes the digestion process.
  • Black tea is prohibited for patients with gastritis of high acidity, as it stimulates the secretion of gastric juice. In case of a disease with secretory insufficiency, it is also approved for use, but it must be diluted with cream and milk.
  • Anise Tea Warm drink has anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antibacterial and disinfectant properties, normalizes digestion, removes abdominal pain, and solves problems with intestinal motility.
  • Herbal teas. We are talking about decoctions with chamomile, St. John’s wort, marigold, plantain, which suppress pain, eliminate inflammation of the mucosa, envelop and heal the walls of the stomach.
  • Tea mushroom. An excellent solution for patients with secretory insufficiency of the stomach, since with this drink you can increase the concentration of hydrochloric acid, provide an antibacterial and regenerative effect.


Question: “Can I drink coffee with gastritis” is of interest to almost all coffee lovers with such a chronic disease. It is important to understand that this tonic drink has an irritating effect with its chemical composition, increases the level of acidity, contributes to the occurrence of heartburn and accelerates the onset of the disease. It is forbidden to drink coffee on an empty stomach in the morning, it is not recommended to drink after dinner (before bedtime). Regarding serious limitations, doctors give such valuable advice:

  • For patients with secretory insufficiency of the stomach, you can drink 1-2 cups of a “weak” drink with milk per day.
  • In case of illness with high acidity, it is strictly forbidden to drink coffee even for breakfast, especially when it comes to a soluble drink.


This tonic drink is rich in folic acid, polysaccharides, protein, tannins, melanin, procyanidin, organic acids, useful vitamins, trace elements. With gastritis, cocoa can be consumed in moderate doses, while clearly monitoring the quality of the purchased product. It is allowed to brew this drink only in milk, and to purchase not a soluble, but a natural powder. Here are the doctors’ recommendations:

  • With a disease of high acidity, you can drink natural cocoa, but preferably in small portions in the morning.
  • In the case of secretory insufficiency, on the contrary, a stable therapeutic effect is provided, since cocoa stimulates the production of gastric juice.

Is it possible juice

Fruits and vegetables for gastritis are an important food ingredient, which should prevail in the daily menu of a patient with gastritis. Some patients choose these boiled foods, others like to bake apples with honey or prepare mashed fruit puree, and still others prefer to drink freshly squeezed juices. In the latter case, we are talking about drinks made from unsweetened berries, fruits, and even vegetables, for example, it is worth recalling the enormous health benefits of cabbage juice. The following are healthy drinks:

  • Tomato juice without adding salt is allowed at low acidity, since it neutralizes the processes of intestinal rot and fermentation inherent in this form of the disease.
  • Apple juice is a source of sugar and iron, suppresses inflammatory processes, enriches the body with vitamins.
  • Pomegranate juice can be drunk in case of secretory insufficiency, thereby normalizing the disturbed digestion process.
  • It is advisable to drink a potato drink with increased acidity of the stomach in order to accelerate the process of regeneration of the injured mucous membrane.
  • Cabbage juice with intensive production of hydrochloric acid normalizes the acidity, has wound healing properties.
  • Pumpkin juice, in addition to reducing the concentration of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, fights constipation and other digestive problems, so it is recommended to drink it regularly.
  • Grape juice with gastritis of high acidity is prohibited, with low – allowed in strictly limited quantities.
  • Fresh from pineapple, currant, orange stimulate the breakdown of proteins and digestion, but it is allowed to drink no more than 2 glasses per day.

All proposed juices should be freshly prepared and natural, it is important not to cool or overheat them before use. Room temperature is the best option to eliminate an extremely undesirable exacerbation. The use of healthy fresh should be dosed, for example, no more than 200-300 g per day on the recommendation of the attending physician.

Carbonated drinks

This product, harmful at all times, is strictly prohibited, as it contributes to the onset of another attack of gastritis with severe pain. Gases from any selected drink have a strong irritating effect on the inflamed and injured walls of the stomach, thereby enhancing unpleasant symptoms. With any form of gastritis, you can not drink soda – this is an absolute medical contraindication.

Mineral water

Drinking water with gastritis is possible and vital. The optimal volume is up to 2 liters per day, but more can be. When choosing an acceptable daily dose, it is important to evaluate the capabilities of your own body. The patient must choose not only clean and non-carbonated water, but also must know how to use it correctly. Here are the recommendations of knowledgeable professionals:

  • It is necessary to drink water 30 minutes before the meal in order to slightly satisfy hunger and not overload the stomach (to minimize the load).
  • It is important to consume liquid only at room temperature, avoiding the drinking of very cold and hot drinks.
  • With gastritis, a decrease in acidity, it is important to assess the pH in water, the same applies to patients with stomach problems of high acidity.

With increased acidity, it is recommended to drink only alkaline mineral waters, since their chemical composition is able to “extinguish” excess acid, accelerate the regeneration of damaged stomach tissues, normalize metabolism, reduce the number of attacks and stimulate local immunity.

With low acidity, doctors recommend including “acidic” mineral waters, whose pH balance is below seven, in the daily diet. Such drinks contribute to high-quality digestion and normal absorption of food, reduce the risk of food intoxication, minimize the risk of exacerbations, extend the period of remission in chronic diseases of the digestive system.


Alcohol should not be drunk with gastritis. Otherwise, this is a gross violation of the diet. For example, in a state of remission, ethanol, penetrating the body, stimulates the production of gastric juice, increases the rate of hydrochloric acid, and irritates the mucous membrane. All gastroenterologists say so, but there are exceptions to the rules that every patient should know about. Here are some general guidelines:

  • It is important to abandon sparkling and fortified wines, exclude the consumption of beer, dubious cocktails, and energy drinks.
  • Only elite, expensive alcohol is allowed, but in strictly limited quantities.
  • Once a month you can drink 50-100 g of vodka or cognac, but it is better to choose 100-200 g of dry red wine.
  • With gastritis, it is allowed to drink unfiltered beer, since hops and malt cleanse the gastric mucosa.
  • Any alcohol should not be drunk on an empty stomach, at first it is recommended to eat or drink a dairy product, for example, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, yogurt, cream.
  • In the stage of relapse of the underlying disease, it is forbidden to drink alcohol in any manifestation.
  • If after a dose of alcohol it becomes bad, intoxication symptoms occur, this is a clear sign that it is better to delete such an ingredient from your daily menu.
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