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One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they experience discomfort in the stomach is self-medication. I don’t argue that if you had a typical “hungry” pain at night, after a difficult business trip, most likely it was an “ulcer”. You can, and should even, take the medicine prescribed by your doctor. However, you should not go deep into self-medication (you will find out why later). Today, the diagnosis of peptic ulcer does not present any difficulties.

Fibrogastroduodenoscopy is a very affordable and very effective method in which a special flexible tube is introduced into the stomach – a gastroscope, and its entire inner surface is visible in the palm of your hand. In Japan, where the entire adult population of the country undergoes this procedure every year, the incidence of peptic ulcer and stomach cancer is the lowest in the world. And although fibrogastroduodenoscopy cannot be called a pleasant procedure, it is completely painless.

Endoscopy is a method of examining internal organs with the help of special devices – endoscopes. An endoscopic examination of the stomach is called fibrogastroscopy. Modern gastroendoscopes use fiber optics. It allows you to get a true, undistorted image of the inner surface of the organ. With the help of an endoscope, it is possible to carry out medical manipulations – take the material for examination, cauterize an ulcer, stop bleeding from a small vessel. Manipulation is carried out by endoscopists under local anesthesia.

If you do not want to undergo this procedure, then – conventional fluoroscopy will also help in establishing the correct diagnosis. During an X-ray examination with an open ulcer, a symptom of a “niche” or “depot” of a contrast medium is determined, as well as disturbances in the contractile function of the stomach in the form of pyloric spasm, disturbances in the tone and motility of the stomach.

In addition, most likely, you will need to take a general blood test to determine possible anemia.

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