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Green diarrhea in an adult or a child is a common phenomenon, but it does not always have a harmless nature. Not in every case, diarrhea of ​​an unusual shade can be stopped by home remedies, especially if loose stool is accompanied by other symptoms. Frequent diarrhea inevitably leads to dehydration, loss of salts and trace elements, which is especially dangerous for weakened people, pregnant women and small patients. The following article will tell you how to act if green diarrhea appears.

Why does loose green stool arise?

In order to know for sure why there was a malfunction in the digestive system, a full-time consultation with a doctor is necessary. However, there are a number of signs by which you can determine how dangerous is the change in color and consistency of bowel movements.

The appearance of feces of a greenish tint most often has an infectious nature. A number of other unpleasant symptoms indicate infection with salmonella, shigella or rotavirus: acute pain in the epigastric region, fever, chills, nausea and vomiting. If an infection with intestinal infections has occurred, the bowel movements often become a yellow-green hue, there is foam or mucus in the feces. If signs of poisoning appear, it is recommended to seek medical help without taking independent attempts at treatment, especially if the situation concerns a child or a pregnant woman.

Greenish diarrhea often occurs in people suffering from intestinal dysbiosis. For example, after prolonged antibiotic therapy, most of the beneficial bacteria die.

The predominance of pathogenic microflora inside the small intestine creates an uncomfortable environment for normal digestion. Feces become frequent and foul-smelling, supplemented by foam and mucus, in addition, food particles may be present in the feces. It is impossible to cope with such a problem only by changing the diet. It is necessary to contact a gastroenterologist and the appointment of pre- and probiotics suitable for a particular case.

There are quite harmless causes of green diarrhea. Feces of an unnatural color can be observed by people who consume a large amount of plant foods saturated with chlorophyll. The appearance of streaks of greenish like seaweed in the stool signals an excessive amount of raw vegetables in the diet, as well as that the digestive tract is not able to cope with their digestion. Seeking medical help in such a situation is not required. Restoring the normal functioning of the digestive system is achieved by adjusting the diet.

Green diarrhea can also occur against pancreatic or liver diseases. Incorrect operation of any of these organs leads to enzymatic deficiency, resulting in a change in the shade of feces. A similar situation can occur in people who abuse alcohol, whose liver can not cope with the production of a sufficient amount of bilirubin – the pigment necessary for normal digestion. Often in the stool of such patients (for example, suffering from pancreatitis) there are parts of undigested food, because the small intestine quickly gets rid of the masses that are not able to digest. In this case, it is necessary to visit a doctor in the near future, because in the absence of the necessary enzymes, the body practically does not receive the nutrients present in the food.

The cause of discoloration of the stool can also be internal bleeding, for example, with a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer. Feces in this case are black and green. The change in the consistency and color of the stool is due to the ingestion of oxidized blood in the intestines. If this situation repeats repeatedly, you should consult a doctor to find out the causes of bleeding and prevent the development of a condition dangerous to the body – anemia.

How to deal with a digestive tract disorder

Treatment of green diarrhea is impossible without a corresponding change in diet. It will take about two weeks to normalize the work of the intestine after severe poisoning. In the first two days, when the patient feels the worst, it is recommended to refrain from eating for several hours, and then only use liquid, for example, weakly brewed tea, rice broth, low-fat chicken broth, boiled water, saline solutions.

Food for a person with severe diarrhea should be light and have a fixing effect. The menu of the patient should not contain products that have an irritating effect on the intestinal wall. It is good to eat rice porridge cooked without milk, ripe bananas, and white bread in the form of crackers. Low-fat fish, chicken and meat should only be served in boiled form. It is better to chop vegetables and soups with a blender. You can not drink carbonated drinks, store juices, coffee and alcohol. To replenish the volume of fluid in the body, you need to drink about 2 liters of pure water daily. It is best to drink 200 ml after each attack of loose stool.

Intense diarrhea is detrimental to the entire body. Often, gastrointestinal upset is complicated by frequent vomiting, which together with loose stools leads to a dangerous condition of the body – dehydration.

Is a change in stool acceptable in children and expectant mothers?

During pregnancy, changes in the body of the expectant mother occur, called hormonal changes. Often in the first trimester, women note that there was a loose stool of an unusual, greenish hue. This situation can be considered a normal option if green diarrhea does not torment the pregnant woman systematically. In addition, going to the toilet should not be accompanied by chills or vomiting. Symptoms of diarrhea may appear in the last weeks of pregnancy. Most often, this condition is caused not by a bacterial infection, but by late toxicosis.

Accompanied by an increase in body temperature (over 38 degrees), green diarrhea in an adult can signal severe poisoning, which is extremely dangerous for the expectant mother and fetus. The problem in this case must be eliminated in a hospital setting, without self-medication at home.

Often, feces of an unhealthy color appear in a recently born baby. Most often, such changes are associated with the fact that the digestive system of the infant has not yet been strengthened. The liquid stool in a child can appear both during breastfeeding and during the period when the mother begins to introduce natural complementary foods. If an older child goes to the toilet with greens, you should immediately consult a doctor, since it is highly likely that poisoning with poor-quality food or infection with bacteria has occurred.

A change in the color of feces can signal a disease of the liver or pancreas. In addition, loose green stools are a symptom of a malfunction of the digestive system while drinking or eating too much. Treatment with drugs is not required in every case, however, when such a symptom appears in children and people with poor health, a doctor’s consultation is required.

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