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Tell me, are there any factors by which to determine a person’s predisposition to ulcer?

Yes. It has long been noted that peptic ulcer disease is much more likely to affect people with the first and second blood groups. Moreover, if the patient has a second blood group and abuse table salt, then he is more likely to develop a stomach ulcer. People with the first blood group often develop a duodenal ulcer.

It is said that an ulcer is directly related to character. Is it true?

Yes. The saying has long been known: “The reason for the ulcer is not because you eat it, but because it eats you.” Psychologists have recently revealed a pattern between character traits and the likelihood of developing a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer. They determined that most ulcers are characterized by dissatisfaction with themselves, anxiety, anxiety due to expected failure with an acute desire for success. They are sure that they will never be able to achieve the desired, therefore they are constantly experiencing emotional discomfort. This psychological state leads to chronic stress and specific changes in the nervous system. As a result, a whole bunch of diseases can develop. An ulcer also applies to them.

When testing people with an ulcer, psychologists found several surprisingly similar features. In the tests, it was suggested to evaluate your mind, character, self-confidence, health, happiness, future and give yourself a general assessment.

Most patients did not have a very high opinion of their mind, life prospects were drawn to them in a rather gloomy light, they did not hope for happiness. But, amazingly, almost all very highly appreciated the state of their health. And this, despite fairly complete information about his condition and the severity of peptic ulcer.

In assessing the character, one interesting pattern also emerged. The ulcers, by any means, tried to demonstrate that they were “normal” and not much different in character from ordinary people.

They carefully concealed their dissatisfaction with themselves. So for patients with an ulcer, the observance of the distance during communication is usually characteristic. Moreover, they often experience a strong attachment to a person and are very afraid of losing him.

About half of people with ulcers overestimate their abilities. Psychologists invited the subjects to solve problems, the level of complexity of which each determined for himself. Healthy people started with simple tasks and, if successful, increased the level of difficulty. The ulcers immediately chose tasks whose complexity obviously exceeded their capabilities. Psychologists attribute this to the fact that, aiming at high goals, such people want to compensate for low self-esteem.

This set of psychological characteristics in ulcer ulcers can be traced quite clearly.

What can be recommended to people to avoid seasonal exacerbations?

To tidy up the nervous system, working with an individual psychologist or soothing auto-training is best. The less a person is nervous, the more philosophical and calm he is, the more chances to overcome a peptic ulcer.

If for some reason psychotherapy is unavailable, then after emotional stress or tension you need to discharge as quickly as possible: play tennis, do intense physical exercise, or simply walk a few kilometers in a park or forest with a quick step. Long swimming in the pool or shower helps many. Moreover, some are better suited for a long relaxing warm shower. And for the majority to switch and train the nervous system, it is better to master the practice of a contrast shower.

For the prevention of helicobacteriosis, vegetables and fruits should be thoroughly washed with running water, even with soap, and some of them should be rinsed with boiling water. This hygiene measure is a barrier to the penetration into the stomach of not only helicobacteria, but also the causative agents of dysentery and hepatitis A.

You must try to eat at the same time. This is especially important for people with digestive problems.

It is very important to carefully chew each piece placed in the mouth. Compliance with this rule is a reliable prevention of not only ulcers, but also many other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Is there any special diet for the prevention of exacerbation?

Yes of course. For people suffering from diseases of the stomach, during the season of exacerbations, a specific two-week diet can be recommended. It is proven that it reduces the likelihood that the ulcer will wake up. In the first two days you need to eat only semi-liquid porridge from oats, previously ground in a coffee grinder.

They need to be cooked in water or milk, adding a little sugar. Porridge can be eaten up to 5-7 times a day. You need to drink weak tea without sugar and kefir, half diluted with water.

The next five days, vegetarian soups with cauliflower or Brussels sprouts, carrots, potatoes and baked apples are added to this diet. Next week boiled fish and shrimp are added to soups and cereals. These seven days, the food is seasoned with olive, and even better, flaxseed oil.

Starting next week, you can switch to a normal balanced natural diet, excluding rough, spicy and sour foods, smoking and strong coffee. Junk food and snacks on the run are undesirable.

And which of the medicinal plants can be used to prevent exacerbation of ulcers?

The antiulcer effect of cabbage juice and sea buckthorn oil is known. They prevent the appearance of an ulcer and contribute to its faster healing of calamus rhizome, rhizome and elecampane roots, fireweed grass, flax seeds, chamomile flowers, orchis tubers, mint leaves, marshmallow and licorice roots.

Each of these plants can be brewed according to the instructions indicated on the package and drunk throughout the fall. Infusions and decoctions are best changed every two weeks. However, so that the ulcer does not worsen, it is advisable to drink various gastric charges in the fall. They help better, because they also include soothing plants. And as we already said, stress is one of the main impetus for exacerbation of an ulcer.

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