How dangerous is Stomach uncler for life?

A stomach ulcer is a disease that can cause great suffering in a person who has the misfortune to get it. It torments a person, does not lead to a normal life, and if you do not take measures to treat it, it can lead to sad consequences.

The sick person often has questions – how dangerous is this disease for life? Is it even possible to live with a stomach ulcer? What does she face?
Peptic ulcer disease is accompanied by such characteristic signs that are painful for the patient as:

– nausea;

– pain;

– diarrhea (diarrhea);

– vomiting.

However, not everything is as scary as it first seems. At the initial stage, the development of a stomach ulcer can be stopped only by a well-thought-out diet, a healthy lifestyle. And these simple “drugs” are extremely effective if they are not rejected.

What is a stomach ulcer?

A stomach ulcer is usually called a defect of the mucous surface of the stomach of a local nature. In rare cases, ulceration affects the submucosal layer. An ulcer or ulcers are formed as a result of exposure to the mucous membrane of hydrochloric acid, bile, and pepsin, which in this particular place causes disturbances in the trophism — cellular feeding processes that are involved in continuous metabolism. Most often, normal or slightly increased secretion is characteristic of the formation of a stomach ulcer.

The disease is characterized by a course in the form of periodic exacerbations (relapses) and periods of deep remission. After the active stage of treatment in the period of exacerbation, the sore heals, a rough scar is formed at this place.

In this period of rest, a person completely forgets that he has an ulcer, though healed, since it does not manifest itself at all.

Why does a stomach ulcer appear?

It used to be believed that a gastric ulcer occurs on the background of improper diet and stress. Today it is known for certain that this is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium with a name similar to the name of a bird or butterfly – Helicobacter pylori.

This beauty is actually a spiral bacterium that has the ability to live comfortably, adapting to almost any life with the most aggressive environment.

In addition, this bacterium has the ability to neutralize the acid that is in the stomach.

To tell the truth, the stomach ulcer is not caused by the bacterium itself, with a romantic name, but rather by the products it releases during its vital activity — special toxins. These toxic substances have a sharply negative effect on the cells of the gastric mucosa, which leads to their destruction, and the further formation of an ulcer.

The appearance of ulcers on the mucosa inside the stomach causes an imbalance between the defense system and the aggressive effects of certain substances. Speaking of an aggressive environment, it means hydrochloric acid and bile, which is thrown into the stomach from the 12-duodenum for digestion of food. To protect the walls of the stomach from the influence of these acids, nature separates a layer of mucus, which is produced by the mucous membrane of the stomach.

The appearance of an ulcer suggests that the balance between acids and the defense system is disturbed in the stomach. The reasons for this violation may be the following factors.


Sometimes an ulcer is the logical conclusion of inflammation of the gastric mucosa (gastritis), which was not treated. As a rule, a long-term state of increased acidity leads to it.

Genetic predisposition

Heredity may be important for the development of gastric ulcer. Usually the ancestors of the ulcer sufferer also had a similar disease. Often they are affected by several generations of the same family.

Other causes of stomach ulcers are:

– birth defects;

– improper nutrition;

– violation of the principle of regular meals;

– regular overeating;

– chronic malnutrition;

– frequent consumption of spicy food;

– abuse of alcoholic beverages;

– Abuse of smoking;

– stress, nervous system disorders;

– taking certain medications.

Symptoms of stomach ulcers

Ulceration of the gastric mucosa is characterized by rather painful symptoms that poison the life of the patient.

An important sign of an ulcer is the occurrence of severe paroxysmal pain in the upper third of the abdomen. Patients, speaking of this pain, call it acute, aching, cutting, stabbing, burning or dull, but at the same time they are quite pronounced. Also, they are characterized by cramping.

Often, patients complain of headaches if they miss a meal. Moreover, food intake immediately relieves this pain.

Also with this disease is characterized by pain in the abdomen at night. Eating the food makes them feel heavy and overcrowded.

Signs characteristic of stomach ulcers:

– nausea;

– vomiting;

– loss of appetite;

– heartburn;

– weight loss as a result of difficulties with eating.

Consequences of a stomach ulcer

In civilized countries with modern development of medicine, it rarely comes to complications in the form of perforation (an ulcer makes a hole in the stomach, as a result of which its contents, including acids, enter the abdominal cavity, also accompanied by bleeding, which can lead to death).

Exacerbation of gastric ulcers is easily arrested using modern Cytotec drugs and a strict diet. The patient quickly forms a scar and begins a period of remission, so that a stomach ulcer is one of those diseases that are well affected by preventive measures.

All that is needed in order to live for a long time, happily and without suffering from exacerbations of the ulcer, and therefore without pain, is to consult a doctor in time, strictly follow a diet, follow a doctor’s prescription.

This will help achieve a stable and prolonged remission, almost without remembering that you have a stomach ulcer.

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