There is no seasonal exacerbation of an ulcer?

Contrary to popular belief, experts say: there is no seasonal exacerbation of an ulcer. How to build the right relationship with her now?

Previously, it was believed that the ulcer exacerbated in spring and autumn. Is this really not so?- patient.

Today, experts have a different point of view. Each person has his own biological cycle. And the ulcer can worsen at any time of the year. For one this happens in the fall or spring, for the other in the winter. And even cases of ulcer attacks in the summer are not uncommon. All individually. Although it should be noted that in spring and autumn this happens more often.

And now what about those who have an ulcer? Is it possible to determine the time when to wait for exacerbation?- patient.

First of all, you need to watch yourself. What time of year is hard? If you notice that in August you feel unwell, then you need to carry out preventive measures in advance. And do not wait for an exacerbation and then rush to heal.

In truth, an ulcer is a lady with character. She lives by her own laws. Regardless of whether you give the medicine or not, it will heal and the aggravation will pass. But this does not mean that the ulcer does not need to be treated at all. If you leave it unchecked, then not far from other bad diseases. Yes, and the aggravation will be faster and easier if you choose a rational treatment and prevention tactics.

In addition, this very moody lady reacts to stress and emotional stress. Observe if the aggravation appears after, say, a successfully completed project at the firm? Or as a result of heated debate with her husband? If so, then take it as a rule: wait for a serious shake-up. In short, you must determine what exactly your body responds to and understand what to do next.

What should be done to avoid exacerbation?- patient.

As a rule, we prescribe drugs that reduce the acidity of gastric juice. Too much hydrochloric acid corrodes the gastric mucosa and often leads to gastric and duodenal ulcers. And in this case, you need to act on the principle: no acid – no ulcers.

During the day we eat, and the acid is neutralized, but at night – no. Although at night it is allocated as much as during the day, but nothing enters the stomach. And then the acid begins to damage the mucous membrane with a vengeance: nothing prevents it.

Do not forget about nutrition: it should be frequent and fractional. Ideally, you should eat 4-6 times a day in small portions. And do not rush, swallowing everything like a boa constrictor. Try to eat slowly, chewing food carefully. Enjoy delicious food, a beautifully decorated table, and soulful company.

Give preference to cooked and stewed dishes, well cooked. Raw, spicy, sour foods are best avoided. Beloved by many pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut, dry wine, spices, seasonings, smoked products stimulate the production of the same hydrochloric acid.

And at the time of exacerbation, try to smoke less and drink alcohol. Focus on meat, milk, eggs and dried white bread, toast, cereals, mineral water. These products are good in that they block the action of hydrochloric acid.

Watch the mode. At this time, you need a good rest at night. You can sleep in the afternoon, if necessary. It is advisable, as far as possible, not to plan trips or long trips. Unusual climate, change of time zones, unfamiliar food – Chinese, Japanese, Thai can lead to aggravation. For the same reason, do not go to the resorts. It is better at this time to be at home, at home. If necessary, you can get a sick leave for a period of 24 to 37 days and be treated at home. If there are complications, then it makes sense to undergo treatment in a hospital.

And of course, try to avoid stress and protect yourself from negative emotions.

Why is this so important? – patient.

In addition to the modern infectious theory of the origin of this disease, the ulcer has always had social causes. And most often it happens in a certain category of people. These are large leaders and managers – usually men.

Due to their high official position, they carry a great emotional burden. Since they are forced to control the work of the whole team and bear responsibility for it. The working day is not standardized, the diet is violated, constant stress, a busy work schedule. Adrenaline is constantly released into the blood. When it becomes a lot, it stimulates the activity of histamine. That, in turn, produces a large amount of hydrochloric acid. And here she is – an ulcer.

You are talking about men. And what, women do not have an ulcer?- patient.

Let’s just say that ordinary women who live a regular sex life have a family, stable normal work, and ulcers, as a rule, do not exist. Because there is a hormone – estrogen. It protects the fair sex from this problem.

This is the traditional point of view. But now, unfortunately, the situation is changing.

If a woman works intensively or leads a company, she experiences loads no less than men. And she is increasing the production of male hormones – testosterones. It is they who help her carry a tremendous load.

See what women leaders look like? These are not elegant, fragile creatures that need care and affection. These are strong personalities who even look different. Estrogens are beautiful skin, a delightful shine of eyes, a feminine figure. When testosterone begins to be produced, then all this is lost. By the way, therefore, an ulcer also occurs in older women, when menopause occurs and the amount of estrogen decreases.

Currently, there is another reason for ulcers in both men and women. This is the Helicobacter pylori microbe. He lives on the mucous membrane of the stomach and is a “space alien.”

What does it mean?- patient.

Until a certain time, no one suspected that a microbe could live in the stomach. There is hydrochloric acid, which kills all germs. After the discovery of Helicobacter, gastroenterologists recognized: peptic ulcer is associated not only with social factors, but also with the presence of a microbe. It turned out that it is often found in healthy people. According to recent data, about 80% of the entire population is infected with this bacterium in the United States.

So most of us are potential ulcers?- patient.

Not certainly in that way. There are about 100 species of this microorganism. Among them there are those that do not harm a person. They just live in the stomach and do nothing wrong.

But there are also harmful individuals who are very active and aggressive. Their number among all types of Helicobacter is approximately 10%.

For all their scarcity, they are so dangerous that the Association of Gastroenterologists of the United States made a radical decision. Now they destroy all discovered microbes without understanding their essence.

What should alert you in order to go to the doctor and be tested for this bacterium?- patient.

Unpleasant sensations in the upper part of the stomach, a feeling of heaviness, heartburn, nausea and nightly hungry pain. A person wakes up at night from severe discomfort. I drank a glass of milk, ate a cracker, and everything passed.

Also pay attention to bad breath. Often it is the only sign of peptic ulcer.

And, of course, it is important how a person reacts to food. If there is heartburn, nausea or vomiting, then it is worth checking. Even the simple intolerance of any individual products should alert. If today you do not want meat, but want fish, there is nothing wrong with that. But if the appearance and smell of meat periodically causes a feeling of nausea and rejection, then this is worth thinking about.

It turns out that they can also become infected?- patient.

Of course. And its carrier is a person with peptic ulcer. And you can get infected very simply: through a kiss, dishes, household items.

If one of the relatives has an ulcer, then all members of his family should be tested for the presence of a microbe.

Simple hygiene rules must be followed. It is good to wash dishes and not just with water, but with a disinfectant solution. Allocate separate dishes, appliances, and a towel to a sick relative. And try to limit personal contacts until he is cured.

And of course, it’s in your best interest to insist on his prompt visit to a doctor.

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