Get rid of the intestines from constipation – strengthen the immune system

Forced self-isolation leads to the fact that we move a little, eat a lot, do not always eat enough fresh vegetables and fruits, and drink little water.

As a result, the intestine begins to be lazy, is released irregularly, which causes unpleasant sensations of heaviness and discomfort. Stress and medication are causing such a common problem as constipation. Not only elderly people suffer from this, from time to time constipation can happen in everyone. And this problem cannot be ignored, because it is not only discomfort, but also the possibility of developing such unpleasant consequences as intestinal slagging, which leads to intoxication of the whole organism, to a decrease in immunity, to the development of hemorrhoids.

How to choose a safe remedy for constipation

Normally, the intestines should be emptied at least three times a week, otherwise, toxins accumulate in the intestines, decay products enter the liver and are then carried throughout the body. There is apathy, a feeling of fatigue, headaches, allergies, acne. The state of health worsens, and the body’s resistance to diseases decreases, and dysbiosis develops. Therefore, in order to get less sick and strengthen your body, first of all, establish normal bowel function.

How to do it? Traditional methods are an enema and laxatives, but only these methods have one big drawback – they are unsafe!

Enema can “wash” all the beneficial microflora from the intestines, which can harm the body and aggravate dysbiosis. In addition, with the installation of an enema, it is easy to injure the intestinal mucosa or introduce an infection.

Laxatives containing senna can do very poorly. They cause dehydration, in addition, it removes a large amount of fluid along with vitamins and minerals, is aggressive to the intestinal mucosa, harmful to the cardiovascular system, causes addiction and subsequent intestinal atony. Do not harm your intestines if you want it to cope with its cleansing function on its own.

Solving the problem of constipation is an important step towards good health, mood and strong immunity. So that constipation no longer bothers you, eat balanced, do not forget about physical activity, drink more water, avoid bad habits and stress, fill your life with pleasant and useful worries. Remember that your health is in your hands, and now it is important to maintain and strengthen it!

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