5 most popular modern diets: pros and cons

Today, there are many different food systems or, as we are used to call them, diets. To make the right choice, you need to understand their basic principles. It is important to be aware: if your colleague has lost weight due to any diet, then it is not at all necessary that it will be effective and even just safe for you. Any information should be approached with caution. Before choosing one of the popular modern diets, be sure to think about your health and the limitations associated with it, and personal preferences. We will analyze the main fashion trends in nutrition.

Keto diet

This food system refers to low-carb diets (for example, the famous Kremlin diet, Atkins). But keto diet is characterized by a very high fat content. It has existed for a long time, but in the last few years it has become especially popular. Initially, it was used as a method of treating patients with brain pathologies, but now it is often followed without any medical indications.

A typical keto diet includes 30 grams of carbohydrates per day, it also contains 5% protein and 75% fat. In fact, solid fat meat and very few fruits and vegetables, cereals.

Suitable for: good for those who are swinging, since a large amount of fat helps muscle growth. Especially suitable for men. But at the same time, people with severe obesity lose weight slowly.


+ Blood sugar levels remain normal due to low carbohydrate intake (often the level of “bad” cholesterol is reduced).

Minuses :

-It is difficult to observe (balance is nevertheless necessary).

-There is a risk of consuming “wrong” fats. Most people usually choose unhealthy fats (such as saturated animals), which does some damage to the body.

-There are studies on the increase in the blood hormone cortisol (stress hormone) in ardent followers of this diet.

Paleo diet

Also one of the varieties of a low-carb diet. But the main idea of ​​paleo-diet is to exclude from the diet all modern products (refined, refined and modified) and return to the nutrition of our ancestors of the Paleolithic era, when only hunting and gathering served as food sources. Then there was no agriculture, which means that we are actually switching to roots and meat.

Products that can be eaten on the paleo diet: meat, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

Completely excluded: cereals, alcohol, salt, convenience foods, dairy products, beans.

Suitable for: people with autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, as well as those who are obese, cancer or acne.


+”Clean” food without harmful chemicals, preservatives, dyes and other additives.

+High protein in the diet: with meat, fish, eggs and nuts, you certainly will not stay hungry.

+Anti-inflammatory properties: The nutrients in vegetables, oils, nuts, seeds and fruits help reduce inflammation.


-Not suitable for vegetarians: the diet contains a lot of protein of animal origin, while legumes are not allowed.

-Many familiar foods (the same bread, pasta, cereals) are excluded.

Gluten free diet

It is prescribed for gluten intolerance or high sensitivity to it.

All products containing gluten (which contain grain of wheat, rye, oats and barley) are excluded from the diet. The first to be banned are pastries, pasta and cereals.

Suitable for: it is important to understand that this is a medical nutrition protocol, not intended for weight loss. Although many people have recently tried to eliminate gluten from their diet, this diet is really important for those who suffer from celiac disease.


+Whole, organic, healthy foods are recommended.

+Processed foods containing many colorants and preservatives are excluded.


-There are many gluten-free foods available today, but many of them contain more sugar and fat than their gluten-free counterparts. And often they have nothing to do with healthy eating. In this case, this is marketing. That is, gluten-free foods are far from harmless to the figure: the opinion that they cannot lead to weight gain is wrong.

-Avoiding gluten-containing whole grains reduces the amount of nutrients needed by the body.

Interval fasting 16/8

This food system involves 16 hours of hunger per day. In the remaining 8 hours you can eat any food. In this case, of course, it is recommended to give preference to whole, organic, healthy with a low glycemic index.

Suitable for: almost all healthy (without serious chronic diseases) people, except for children under 16 years of age.


+All product groups are allowed.

+With such a diet, exercise is highly recommended.


-Imbalance in calorie and nutrient intake may occur. So, it is possible to provoke a deficiency of vitamins, micro and macro elements.

-Side effects are often noted: headaches, irritability, and hunger.

-Healthy eating habits are not developed.

Raw food diet

According to this food system, food should not be cooked at temperatures above 47 ° C so that all its beneficial properties are preserved.

Of particular importance is fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs.

Bread, beans, pasta, dairy products, meat and eggs are prohibited. Although some followers of this diet prefer to eat unpasteurized milk and cheese, as well as raw fish and meat.

Suitable for: relatively healthy people.


+The diet has a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy fats from nuts and seeds.


-Special cooking equipment is required, often expensive.

-Eating unpasteurized dairy products, as well as raw fish and meat, can lead to infection by pests (parasitosis can develop, and tick-borne encephalitis can even get through cow’s milk).

-Exclusion from the diet for a long time of cereals, legumes and animal products can lead to a deficiency of vitamins, macro- and microelements.

-In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, such a diet is contraindicated.


If you still decide to try some fashionable food, be sure to consult a doctor. The therapist will prescribe the simplest tests (blood, urine) to rule out possible problems. A nutritionist will help you navigate and decide on a nutrition plan.

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