Nutritionist called brain-killing foods

To maintain clarity of thinking even in the summer heat, limit them in your diet.

Summer is summer, but nobody canceled work even in the heat. Alas, few of us can afford a vacation for all three months. Despite the excellent weather, you have to go to the office and solve complex problems. And the brain seems to have just boiled! You can improve its performance with the help of useful products. But food can play a cruel joke with the brain: there are products that simply inhibit mental activity.

1.Trans fats.

This is a special type of unsaturated fat, which is obtained by converting liquid vegetable fats into a solid state for industrial needs. The fact is that trans fats make the cell membrane stiff, impenetrable and essentially the cell ceases to function fully. It is especially dangerous when it occurs in the cells of the brain.

Where it contains: convenience foods, margarine, cheap confectionery, mayonnaise, etc.

2.”Fast carbohydrates.”

Sugar in our body is instantly processed into energy, explains Elena Solomatina. But you can’t store energy. Therefore, excess carbohydrates become fat, which gradually accumulates in the body. Excess weight leads to insensitivity to insulin. Glucose remains in the blood, destroying blood vessels. And low density cholesterol (the so-called bad cholesterol) rushes to the places of destruction, atherosclerotic plaque develops, the lumen of the vessel narrows. And as a result, the brain stops receiving enough oxygen and nutrients.

Where it contains: sugar, confectionery, flour products, pasta, bread, etc.

3. Pickles.

According to a nutritionist, salt retains fluid. After all, not only tissues but also the walls of blood vessels swell. And this complicates the free movement of blood, causes hypertension. Therefore, excess salt can disrupt the full nutrition of the brain, since blood cannot circulate freely through microscopic capillaries of the brain.

Where it contains: pickles, tomatoes, mushrooms, salted fish, sausages, etc.

4. Products containing preservatives, flavors, colorants.

According to a nutritionist, all these supplements are a source of toxins, free radicals, for our brain. As a result, the nutrition of brain cells deteriorates.

Where it contains: some products with a long shelf life, including confectionery. All of these ingredients can be found anywhere. Read the product labels carefully.

How to eat to improve brain function

Here’s what a nutritionist advises:

1.Food should be frequent and fractional, because as soon as the level of glucose in the blood falls, the brain begins to lose energy.

2.Intensive water regime. As soon as we feel tired and inability to concentrate, we definitely drink water. During the day – tea, coffee. But we must remember that caffeinated drinks remove water from the body, so you need to drink plain water with them.

3.The menu must include products containing OMEGA-3. For example, oily fish, legumes. Flaxseed, chia seeds, linseed and camelina oil, caviar, cod liver

4.What is needed are products containing B vitamins – whole grain cereals, dairy products, nuts.

5.Red meat should also be included in the menu once or twice a week, since it contains a lot of iron, which helps supply the brain with oxygen.

6.The menu should contain foods rich in tryptophan – turkey, dairy products, mushrooms, sunflower seeds.

7.Buckwheat, oats, and seeds rich in magnesium are useful.

8.Seasonal vegetables are fruits containing beneficial substances and rich in antioxidants. But vegetables and fruits that are stored for a long time and sold out of season (for example, strawberries in winter) or brought from afar should not be bought. You won’t get any benefit from them.

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