Diet for gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer

With such an unpleasant disease as a stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer proper nutrition and a strict diet are the prerequisites for quality therapy.

It is extremely important to stick to a diet and eat right after surgery, because it is the stomach that affects the general condition of the body and the well-being of a person. Recovery without the proper strict diet will, alas, be impossible. This should be remembered, when you want to eat something that is not in the recommended menu, think about the consequences and already completed operation – not the best prospects can come back again. But many things are repairable if you have willpower and resist the temptation to break the diet in favor of junk food, which definitely does not contribute to treatment, and there is a risk of being operated again.

Diet duodenal ulcer and diet for gastric slightly vary, depending on the ulcer disease stages, as well as from the victims bodies: duodenal ulcer with the defeat of the bulb, a stomach ulcer with the defeat of the fundus portion defeat Postbulbarnye department, perforated ulcer, combined ulcer having double localization. Also, the forms of the disease have: increased acidity of gastric juice, reduced acidity of gastric juice, as well as with increased and decreased, as well as normal intestinal motility.

There are trophic ulcers. But they arise, not inside the body, but on the limbs, and they have nothing to do with the stomach, or even the entire gastrointestinal tract, this is a completely separate disease. But at the same time, in the treatment of trophic ulcers, special diets are also prescribed, which, in combination with medicines, can give excellent results and promote faster healing.

Key rules of nutrition in gastric and duodenal ulcers

  1. Crane is important that the products in the diet does not irritate the gastric mucosa, and to do this, avoid acid in any form.
  2. Meals should be plenty of food (not less than 5-6 per day), but the portions at this diet should be significantly reduced. In no case can not overeat!
  3. Eliminate hot and cold food! Its temperature should be optimal at room temperature.
  4. During the meal you can not drink water, so as not to impair digestion. Water is consumed either before meals or 30-40 minutes after.
  5. Food should be grated or mashed. Do not allow hard pieces into the digestive tract.
  6. Salt will also have to be excluded.
  7. Avoid foods that provoke increased secretion of gastric juice.
  8. The diet should also not be spicy food.
  9. Preference should be given to nutritious foods that contain sufficient amounts of vitamins, carbohydrates and fats so that the body gets saturated.
  10. Products must be alternated to get the most out of the allowed food.

What products are prohibited in gastric and duodenal ulcers?

There is a list of products that are absolutely not recommended for ulcers, gastritis, stomach burns and other gastrointestinal problems: mushrooms in any form, sour foods (cabbage), fatty foods of animal origin (meat, lard, fish, caviar), any kinds of smoked meats, canned and pates, scrambled eggs and hard boiled eggs (soft-boiled eggs are allowed), coarse grits and bran, fresh berries and fruits, especially sour, any sauces, sweets and ice cream, any soda and alcohol, rye bread, mucous membrane stimulating vegetables (onions, garlic, sorrel and others rye and sour products), dairy fat prokudy (cheese, sour cream), vegetables with fiber (peas, corn, beans, white cabbage, radish), some drinks (coffee, tea, cocoa).

What can you eat with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer?

Despite the large list of prohibited foods for ulcers, the diet contains many tasty and nutritious ingredients: dried wheat bread and crackers made from it, boiled soft-boiled eggs, soups on grits or chicken (drain the first water 1-2 times), milk soups , low-fat cottage cheese, lean veal, beef, chicken, meatballs, vegetables (zucchini, carrots), finely ground cereals, pasta, vegetable oil, wheat bran decoctions, dogrose decoctions, non-carbonated water, weak tea, baked in an oven ki from yeast-free dough, honey, candy.

Diet for gastric ulcer with high acidity M. Geren

Designed by Israeli doctor Michael Geren, this involves treating a stomach and duodenal ulcer with herbal decoction. She is appointed by the attending physician, and the compositions are selected according to the nature of the ulcer and the acidity level of the patient’s gastric juice. It is not recommended to prescribe this diet to yourself, because it is very specific. Your doctor should evaluate all the risks, the degree of peptic ulcer and the level of acidity of your stomach. What matters is how the patient’s surgery proceeded.

To make the diet most effective, along with decoctions, the use of decoctions from flax seeds is also recommended, which are prepared as follows: flax seeds (2 teaspoons) should be ground (immediately crushed is better not to buy), then pour them with a glass of water; Heat in a water bath, but do not bring to a boil, and warm broth – drink in slow sips on an empty stomach one hour before breakfast.

For the first breakfast, you need to prepare: pour 2 teaspoons of flax seed with a glass of cold water, then grate an apple or carrot on a fine grater, you can also add almonds and / or other nuts with honey.

For the second breakfast, which goes 2 hours after the first, you need to squeeze fresh juice of carrots or cabbage and drink immediately.

Lunch will consist of one large glass of herbal tea: pour boiling water in equal parts of mallow, alteyka, plantain, nettle (or the second composition: nettle, fragrant violet and horsetail), add a bit of licorice. The broth is simmered for 25 minutes. Allow to cool, strain, in the cooled tea add some honey at will, mix thoroughly and drink slowly in small sips.

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