How dangerous is perforation of gastric ulcer?

Perforation of gastric ulcer occurs in the walls of the stomach or duodenum when a hole begins to form, and the contents fall into the abdominal cavity or retroperitoneal tissue.

Perforation is extremely dangerous and can be fatal if you do not seek medical attention in time.

Perforated ulcer has three stages:

1) Pain shock – the pain can be so severe that a person can even scream. It appears suddenly, strongly and abruptly. The pain is similar to the dagger. As a rule, a person begins to feel pain first at the top of the abdomen, and then it spreads all over the abdomen. Fully, the abdomen is in tension, and the legs are compressed. This condition is characterized by: pale skin, low blood pressure, slow pulse, cold sweating. The period of painful shock during perforation can last 6-7 hours.

2) False well-being. After 6-7 hours with perforation, imaginary relief occurs, and if at the previous stage a person did not go to the doctor, then it may seem to him that everything went well and everything is fine. but it is very dangerous, because the pain has decreased or disappeared altogether, but the problem has not been solved, but is only getting worse every minute. At this stage, the tension in the stomach decreases, but does not go away completely, intestinal paresis appears and flatulence increases. The entire oral cavity in the patient begins to dry up, the need for urination decreases, and it disappears completely. Blood pressure is still low, heartbeat accelerates. The period of relief is approximately – 10-12 hours.

3) Purulent peritonitis – in 10-12 hours the third stage manifests itself, which proceeds very difficult for the patient. There are such symptoms of perforation: vomiting, hiccups, dry lips and tongue, a strong feeling of thirst. The general condition becomes inhibited, the body temperature rises dramatically, the skin at this time is sticky and moist, and the color becomes sallow. At the same time, the eyes sink, and the facial features become slightly pointed, acquiring the “Hippocrates face”.

As you understand, it is better not to joke with a perforated ulcer, and with the slightest suspicion and sharp pains it will be more correct to call an ambulance to rule out a perforated ulcer, because otherwise surgery will only help the patient.

Diet after perforation of the ulcer

After surgery to eliminate perforation of a stomach ulcer, it is very important to follow a strict diet, because otherwise a relapse may occur. In this case, both medicinal and dietary forms are needed in treatment.

After an operation on the intestine, food is so important for several days so that the organs can adapt to the new state, as well as to eliminate the effect of acids on the gastrointestinal tract, which has experienced considerable stress. It is also important short absence of peristalsis – this condition will contribute to a more rapid recovery of the digestive system.

Only 3-5 days after the elimination of perforation of gastric ulcer the patient begins to introduce liquid food in very small quantities. But this is only if there are no complications. The very same termination of fasting should occur very slowly and calmly.

After 5 days, allowed to enter drinks. First of all, to fill the body with vitamins, as well as to activate the work of the digestive organs. As a rule it is: rose hip decoction, you can add a small amount of honey; berry and fruit jelly are allowed.

Even 5 days after the drinking diet, it will be possible to gradually replace drinks with food: rice viscous porridge from pre-milled cereals, pureed vegetable soup, egg whites from egg whites, steamed, meat ground soufflé, also steamed or in a multivariate.

Diet for trophic ulcers

In this case, do not be confused with gastric ulcer. In this case, we are talking about external ulcers, which appear mainly on the limbs, often due to venous insufficiency. Accordingly, the diet of this type of ulcers for a better treatment are used several others.

The main purpose of the diet during a trophic ulcer is to fill the body with vitamins and trace elements that help in the regeneration of the skin. In particular, it is very important to replenish vitamins A, C and E in time, due to which faster healing occurs.

In the trophic ulcer menu, the following foods should be included in the diet: broccoli, citrus fruits, white cabbage, currant berries, nuts, vegetable oils, pumpkin, egg yolks, carrots, tomatoes, cheese, seafood, dark rice, garlic, various seeds.

If the ulceration does not decrease, and the doctor believes that the production of vitamins through the products takes place in insufficient quantities, then additional vitamin complexes are used, in which the main components are vitamins A and E. They play the main role in fighting infections, and peptic ulcer disease recedes. Vitamins are prescribed for faster disposal of trophic formations and high-quality healing of wounds. Also, trophic ulcer is easier to treat with the help of omega-3 fatty acids.

We also want to remind you that if you have any doubts or unpleasant symptoms that indicate the potential for an ulcer or gastritis, with severe abdominal discomfort, you should not self-medicate. Immediately seek medical attention for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment to avoid negative disastrous consequences. The more neglected an ulcer is, the more time, effort and resources are needed to cure this ulcer.

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