Disease of modern people: the danger of irritated bowels

According to WHO research, about 15-20% of the population of our planet suffer from irritable bowel. At the same time, many people who first encountered this problem do not pay attention to the ailments, hoping that everything will go away by itself, or do not link these symptoms into a single whole and begin to be treated completely from other ailments. This is a fundamentally wrong decision that can only aggravate the situation. Therefore, we decided to find out what irritated intestines are, how dangerous it is, and how to quickly deal with this problem.

Irritated intestines are not for nothing called the disease of modern people – almost every fifth inhabitant of our planet faces it. And every second, for the first time on himself, having felt all these unpleasant symptoms, begins to think about the worst, including various oncological diseases. However, experts advise not to panic ahead of time and not to turn a blind eye to indisposition. After all, the sooner you become aware of the problem and proceed to treatment, the higher the probability of avoiding negative consequences. What kind? We understand together!

All diseases of the nerves

Experts claim that irritated bowels – one of the few problems that arise “from the nerves.” And the more you are experiencing and experiencing stress (because you do not understand what is happening to you, because you are afraid to see a doctor and suddenly hear a terrible diagnosis, and so on), the more and more symptoms such as pain, spasm , violation of the chair (constipation, diarrhea or alternation), flatulence. And many people do not bind them into a single disease and begin to treat one thing, but in the end the problem itself remains unresolved.

What can be caused by pain in the intestine? Intestinal motility occurs as a result of alternating contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle cells, and if they are reduced, but not relaxed, pain and spasm are obtained. And the more you experience and wind yourself up, the more severe and long-lasting pain and spasms become. All this leads to a slowing down of the intestinal movement, its contents eventually either linger for a long time in the body, causing constipation, or, on the contrary, it comes out too quickly, provoking diarrhea.

Because of all this, you start to get even more nervous and withdraw into yourself, and so on in a circle. Although, it would seem, it was only necessary to promptly seek help, find a suitable treatment program and get rid of the problem. So, for example, in the list of drugs recommended for the treatment of irritable bowel there is a remedy developed by French scientists – Cytotec drug. With a single dose of the drug eliminates spasm and relieves pain, and with a long reception (at least 14 days) restores the bowels. But first things first!

According to statistics, this disease affects people between the ages of 20 and 45 years old and, most of all, women face this problem. But, despite the deterioration of well-being, 70–80% of patients do not seek help, preferring to suffer from unpleasant symptoms, 20–30% choose specialists who cannot always correctly determine the diagnosis. And only about 2-3% of people pay attention to this problem in time and receive the necessary treatment.

Causes and symptoms of irritable bowel:

Most experts agree that irritable bowel is a violation of the digestive system with the traditional signs of disorder: pain, spasm, a violation of the stool (constipation, diarrhea or alternation), flatulence. In this case, from a medical point of view, the gastrointestinal tract of a person may not be affected by viruses or other pests, not have any formations and other negative deviations, and tests usually in these patients are normal. Therefore, unpleasant symptoms are most likely caused by a combination of violations of a person’s physical and mental state. In other words, physicians attribute this disorder to a functional one, explaining to the patient that the organ itself remains intact, but its function is impaired, which can be restored. Experts recognize that at the moment it is a global problem that many people face.

When treating irritable bowel should be prepared for the fact that this problem will not be solved as quickly as you would like. To cope with the disease, it is necessary to choose an integrated approach, choose the right medicine, change the eating habits and rhythm of life, improve the emotional state and in no case give up.

What is dangerous irritated intestines?

Due to the fact that most people try not to attach importance to their problem and bravely endure unpleasant symptoms (which negatively affect not only health, but also career and personal life as well), then in the end it can lead to psychological disorders, even depression. So do not think that irritated intestines – quite harmless disease, which can close your eyes.

Irritable bowel is dangerous for the following reasons:

  • The disease contributes to the fact that the pain becomes stronger with time, causing discomfort and causing a lot of inconvenience. And stress and excessive anxiety only exacerbate the situation, forcing a person to withdraw into himself.
  • This ailment leads to the fact that you have to take more sick leave at work (which, in turn, does not in the best way affect your professional activity).
  • Under the guise of irritable bowel, much more serious diseases can be hidden (intestinal infections, inflammatory diseases, oncological diseases of the intestines and organs of the small pelvis, chronic poisonings, adhesive disease). And if these pathologies are not diagnosed at an early stage and do not start timely treatment, then this may pose a threat to human health.

By the way, this disease can also manifest itself in pregnant women (characterized by mild symptoms and not accompanied by any irreversible pathological changes in the intestines), and even in children. In children, the disease usually manifests itself much more intensively than in adults, so you should carefully listen to the complaints of children and not miss the symptoms.

Prevention and treatment of irritable bowel:

  • Healthy sleep, reasonable mode of work and rest
  • Keeping a special diet
  • Drug therapy (choice of appropriate drugs)
  • Sports load and active lifestyle
  • Walks in the open air
  • Specialist help (psychotherapy)
  • Quitting smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee and tea in large quantities

If we talk about treatment, then it is necessary to choose the appropriate drug therapy aimed at relieving negative manifestations. The main task of treatment is to normalize the work of the intestine, including neutralizing the negative effects of stress and restoring its work. To achieve the best result, you need to choose those drugs that are able to cope with the main symptoms (pain, spasm, violation of the stool (constipation, diarrhea or alternation), flatulence). In the list of drugs recommended for the treatment of irritable bowel there is a drug developed by scientists – Cytotec, since the development of which already about 233 million people have received really high-quality results.

Therefore, before you panic and begin to present something terrible, it is better to study the unpleasant symptoms, choose a suitable drug and start treatment on time. And then after a while you just forget about your problem and you can safely enjoy life.

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